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Online MBAs on the rise

Are online MBAs on the rise? It seems so, but not for the reasons you might think. In fact distance-learned MBAs often charge the same fees as their campus-MBA counterparts. After all, AACSB and EQUIS accreditation means that business schools are accredited across the whole school, ensuring that a DLMBA is just as good an education as a campus-based one.

It’s all about flexibility, says William McDonald of Thunderbird School of Management.. He talked to me about a whole host of reasons for why more and more people are considering a distance MBA.

“The generation moving into the MBA age now is used to learning in that [online] environment, acquiring information from that perspective. There’s a level of trust in where the information was coming from that the previous generation of MBAs was not accustomed to,” he says.

Crucially, it’s not just the MBA students that find online learning easier but the faculty, professors who did not grow up in the Internet generation, are finding it easier too. “Even faculty that aren’t tech-savvy find it easier to post video lectures, hosting chats and so on.”

But hey, enough of my yakkin’. Take a look at the video for yourself. (scroll down to the bottom left).