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GMAC announce major changes to GMAT

Sorry I haven’t posted for a few days. I’ve been at a conference in London where I learned a considerable amount about what business schools and other media (TV, print, web) are interested in. No short answers there.

Anyway, I turn my back for five minutes and GMAC, the organisation that created and manages the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) have announced a big change. They are including an Integrated Reasoning section from June 2012.

Says GMAC: “The GMAT exam will add a new section designed to measure people’s ability to evaluate information from multiple sources. The new integrated reasoning section will provide business schools with a window into how prospective students respond to the kinds of complex challenges they will encounter as managers in today’s information-rich business environment.”

Importantly, “the overall length of the GMAT exam (three and a half hours) will not change. The new integrated reasoning section will be 30 minutes long and replace one of two essays that are part of the GMAT’s analytical writing section. Admissions officers have stated and GMAC research has shown that performance on the essays is closely aligned, making a single essay acceptable for predicting performance.”

I’m going to look into this. If you have any questions for me to ask the President of GMAC, get back to me in Comments and I’ll make sure I ask. Here are a couple I came up with off the bat:
1) Why did GMAC see the need to include this new section?
2) Isn’t this going to make an already tough GMAT even tougher?
3) What are the expectations for MBA candidates in terms of how to get a good mark?