Dave Wilson, President of GMAC, on the new Integrated Reasoning section

Dave Wilson, President of GMAC, who run the GMAT, responds to the question as to why they have introduced a new section to the GMAT: “We surveyed faculty. They told us [about MBA candidates with the current GMAT] ‘we know they’ve got the skills in quant and the skills in verbal, but what we don’t know is whether they are able to analyse, to assimilate, to convert data, to assess whether or not it’s valid, to interpret it, to draw inferences. If you could ever come up with questions that were really microcosms of what goes on in the MBA classroom, that would help us in determining whether the candidate will thrive in our classroom.’ So we took that and have created an Integrative Reasoning section to the GMAT that will require candidates to look at data in multiple formats.” See video here.

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