Why do an MBA?

Interesting results for the survey about the motivations MBAs have for doing an MBA. Improving career prospects and learning new skills are far and away the most popular reasons for going to business school, according to my own highly (un)scientific survey. What is slightly surprising is that boosting salary only interests 11.5% of respondents. Are you being entirely honest?

Also I am surprised that only 3.3% of respondents are interested in starting their own businesses. I was under the impression that entrepreneurship was the next big thing. The QS Applicant Survey suggests that almost one-third of MBAs take the course in order to learn how to start their own businesses. Perhaps entrepreneurs are too busy to visit blogs, or to fill in polls? Or perhaps, in the last 12 months, the MBA applicant scene has become more cautious. Watch this space.

MBAScene poll results: Why are you considering an MBA program?
To improve career prospects 24.6%
To learn new skills 23%
To enable a career change 18%
To build a professional network 16.4%
To boost salary 11.5%
To start own business 3.3%
Primarily for education 3.3%

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