People, Planet, Profit Conference at ESMT Berlin

Though held in the historic environment of ESMT Business School in Berlin – the buildings formed part of where the former East German leader Erich Honnecker had his headquarters and is emblazoned with the brilliant art and understated architectural opulence of the former Communist bloc – the conference is taking on big and very modern issues. The CEOs of Siemens, Russian gas giant Gazprom, Infosys and many more top international companies are here. And they are taking the issues very seriously.

How do we move from a concept of a single bottom line (profit) to a triple bottom line of people, planet and profit? Can ethical business change the world? How can European business take a lead in synchronising its ideas with the developing world, some of whom do not yet share Europe’s opinions on green energy, sustainability and climate change? And, importantly, how can the new generation of business leaders from MBA programs around the world enforce this change?

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