New MBA Admissions Book

The second edition of Avi Gordon’s very informative book “MBA Admissions Strategy: From profile building to essay writing” hits the shelves over the next few weeks. There is a surfeit of books out there, and admissions consultants all claiming to help you get into Harvard or Wharton. Refreshingly, Gordon’s book is not one of them.

Instead, what the book does is to make the reader, the potential MBA candidate, get into the mindset of a number of stakeholders in the MBA admissions process, namely the admissions committee (adcoms) and, most essentially, the candidate themselves.

Both of these points are crucial. Not that Gordon is trying to talk anyone out of applying only to Harvard or Wharton. What he does make clear is that introspection and self-reflection are key. Don’t just apply to the ‘best’ schools, but apply to ‘the best schools for you’.

Having shortlisted, Gordon’s book gets you seriously into the mind of the admissions committee. He lays out, concisely, what adcoms are looking for and, just as importantly, what they are not. He even suggests that a too-high GMAT score can count against you. Why? If you’re getting 760 you are in the top percentile of the world academically. And academics rarely make good business leaders…

Definitely one of the better MBA Admissions books. Look out for it.

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