How much time should you spend studying for your GMAT?

Well, how long is a piece of string?

Ironically, some business school admissions people tell me that getting a score in the high 700s (let’s say, 760+) can actually harm your business school application. Why? Because business is not an academic pursuit, it’s a tangible, hands-on activity (usually, anyway) that requires myriad skills and experience. So if you’re getting 760+ on your GMAT you may want to think about taking a PhD and becoming an academic instead. Seriously. Why not? The money’s good. In fact, with the dearth of qualified, top-level business academics around the world at the moment, very good professors are able to command very significant salaries, research time, jobs in desirable locations and so on.

Am I suggesting that you do your best to NOT achieve the highest GMAT possible. No, of course not, but academics rarely make great business leaders. I recommend that you do your best, see what the results are and, let’s face it, the chances of you being 760+ are extremely slim anyway.

To answer the question in my title, here’s what the experts say:

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