China a new hotbed for MBAs

Only one generation ago studying market-based economics and business would have been unthinkable in the People’s Republic of China. Now the country is a hotbed for business education in Asia and its top tier business schools are fast climbing the world’s MBA rankings. Out of the 40 elite B-schools in Asia and Australia listed in the QS Global Top Business Schools 2009 five schools are located in Beijing or Shanghai.

The A-list of China’s top business schools today are part of the country’s most prestigious universities. In the top league are Tsinghua University’s School of Management, Peking University (PKU)’s Guanghua School of Management and Fudan University’s School of Management. Their challengers are a number of private schools, still few in numbers, with CEIBS and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business being the leading independent players.

With the vast need for educated business managers in the Chinese speaking world, it would seem that this proliferation of top business schools in China and the quality of those courses will increase. Despite this there are some reservations in some MBA quarters that Chinese business schools are dropping the age limit, and therefore the amount of work experience that their students have. If this is the case, candidates applying to Chinese schools need to take that into account. The more experienced your classmates are, the more you will learn from them.

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