MBA or Masters?

A big question this, that I get asked a lot. Should you do an MBA or a Masters in, perhaps, Finance of International Business or Accountancy even?

1) MBAs require usually 3-8 years of work experience, in some kind of management capacity. Masters degrees don’t.

2) MBAs are a general management degree, learning holistically about how businesses work. Masters degrees are more focussed and targeted at expertise in one field.

3) Therefore, if your interests are in management within a company, or perhaps to follow an entrepreneurial route, look at the MBA. If you want to specialise in an area, and take that route to its interesting and well-paid end, consider the Masters.

4) Salaries currently suggest that MBAs are better paid than those with masters after four years of work experience. However, this does not necessarily hold true throughout a person’s career. If high salary is all you’re after, take a think about it. Otherwise, do what most people do and follow the path that interests you the most. The rewards will be far greater.

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